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Commercial for Alan Cumming’s eponymous fragrance line, 2004. [x]

Oh my god I require immediate medical assistance.

when odin falls into the odin sleep centuries too early and is bound to never wake again, young princeling thor, the equivalent of 16 mortal years young, must take the burden of the throne upon him. arrogant, hungry for power and lusting for battle, young king thor manages to wreak havoc wherever he goes and leads the realms into chaos quick enough. he does not do so intentionally - but good choices are never made easily. with the counsil of his father’s ravens, his mother and his brother the fate of the nine realms is in the hands of thor, the mourning son of odin, young god of thunder and king of the realm eternal, asgard.

Middle-earth alphabet: A → Andúril


thor + glass
Sif Week - Day 3: Sif the Warrior
My heart has no place in this. I have orders.